Friday, March 19, 2010


its March 18,2010 ~ m in my last class, ady send message to her~.
way home. thrs a car hit my motorbike, got head injury and toes,
a drunk girl driv the car~ i evn not able to talk to her
she ady left whn im awake in hosptal~.

i first saw yumi and kman whn i open my two eyes~ thyr both
my close friends so thyr my first visitors,
i ask thm to tell my yeojachingu tht i cant go online
for couple of days or mybe 3, i just dun wnt her
to worried bout me==. i thnk thy did ~.

i feel so bored stayng thr~ better its just 2 days short of time
but seems a year for me ~ ><. i ask my friends to brng my loptop thr
secretly since its not allowd for me to do too much thngs, dctor said
must rest rest rest sleep sleep and sleep~ aigoo il kill myself if i do that!
i got my loptop thr, stil can open and check my girl. i saw hr change
her status, and now i thnk she ady knew it~. dun wnt her to worry
bfor sndng her msg~ i check her msn, her formspring, her blogspot,
her twitter~ well almst all of her site~. im stalkingXD

and i was like F*CK! whats ths? i bet someone flirt on her
and she flirt aso == what the. i got my head so cmplicated
thnkng wht is it ? what hppen? is it true? what should i do?
im not able to msg hr since i was angry,
better go off and rest ==

next day~ still in hspital. evn it hurts i still got courage to check her
well ya shes still my girlfriend and i still care and ofcours i love her.
i open her fb, but still~ its still thr :)).and now gettng worst
hes callng her " BABE " what the~ im jst actng silly or should i get really damn
jelous ? or should i call othr girls " BABE " also ~ >< aaaaaaaaa hate this~ and nw my friends wnt me not to go online ><
and ya i thnk its the best so i cant see more worst cnversationsXD
dun wnt to ruin anythngdun wnt to scold people ~ dun wnt to argue wit her
better go off again ==

now now now~ back home
still thnkng bout it~
i cant help but just think think and think
i ask my friends wht should i do
thy keep sayng, better giv up
and dun go online.~ well ya
i thnk its better but aaaaaaaaaaaaa~
im missing herrrr so much!
i dun care if i see much worst of tht conversation
so ya~ fightinggg! AJAAA

i post smthng in my status ~ like
" everything in her change most of it is her "
well i dun wnt her to thnk bout it
so i choose nt to msg her~
i post video of stevie hoang il be fine
cause i lyk it ~ and i thnk she do aso~

Still can remmber whn she post tht video
in her wall~ and
song fit on my feelngs so ya~
actng emotional again XD.

but aigoooooooooooo><
shes spammng me ==
thnk she worried now
relax hyun ~ dun talk to her
your angry to her ryt?
she dun know wht u feel
dont talk dont talk~

but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
i cant help
so ya~ message
her just one last messg!
just short message
just let her know
that im fine no need to think
no need to worry~ IM FINNEE REALLYY!

she reply~
i didnt notice that i keep replyng herrr
:OOOO what thee~
and nw im i cnt control my emotion
m i cryng? :O

i dun care wht everyone say
i dun care of anyone
i jst care bout her her her her~

MIANHE If i hurt you ==
if i act so silly~
i just cnt help evrythng ==

ya i love you ~ i always do
dun thnk tht i stop it
even a second ~
ive always love you~.
ya know it .