Friday, March 12, 2010

난 내 여자 친구를 아주 많이 사랑 ~ 난 그녀가 너무 날 사랑 희망 -_-

I aways receive some messages , rumors, chat text
and everything about our relationhp , ARE WE THAT FAMOUS ? ~ lolXD
they keep sending me like " your relationship wont work "
then i keep asking whyd you say so ? thy simply answer " cause your
in LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP " is that so? i thnk that reason
are just for low people ---. mianhe for speaking and reactng ,
but arrrg -- it annoys me, cant u please just dont mind us
and get your own life ?~.

one more question i aways receiv is the annoyng one
" she dont love you why you still togthr?"
f*CK ~ howd u know? r u two in relationshp aso? oh cmmon ~ ANU SALI PEOPLE ~.

well yaa ~ some of thr words ar true ~ we dont talk too much
we dont talk like whole day whole night , ~ but i know in me
i love her for real ~, and aso the way she do,

mkay mkay~ let me just put it like she really dun love
me , just wht some ppl say like shes just playng
oh well ~ who cres? your not the one whol gonna be hurt
its me ~ ME ME ME , so no worries mkay?
wont past th heataches to everyone , i wont spread it out ^^.

you got your own life ne --? i got mine too XD
so foccus on yours mkay ? ^^