Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Its 4:41 in th morning but im still AWAKE
just get back from the club hoping that il get DRUNK
and forget everythng for a while, but IM NOT
really IM NOT TOTALLY DRUNK or mybe is this because
drinks cannot defeat my PAINS ? :))

so where should i go now? everyone of my friends are DRUNK
everyone in my phone are sleeping , some people in FB are still awake
but i CANT TALK TO THEM, really , everytime i read those messages
like " what happen to U and TASH? ya know its more killing me><
it killing me like deathhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

everythngs still fresh on me, those time people mesge me and says" PERFECT COUPLE"
i just cant imagine that EVERYTHING ENDS UP NOW.

i want to ACT NORMAL, like nothings happen
i want to talk to evryone , SAY HELLO AND SMILE,
but i cant == seeing evryone's CONCERNS about me
make me more HURT and seeing her OLD MESSGES KILLS ME ><

im just thinkng of our "PLANS BEFORE" plans tht well gonna soon make,
dreams that gonna be fulfill soon, but everythngs GONE NOW :(

im thnngkng if when il start deletng those blogpost ABOUT US
since i know her future bf gonna see it, and misunderstood so i better
start removing it == but how to? IT KILLS MEEEEEEEEEEE

aigo :( or am i just thhingkng too much ?
kyaa~ mianhe to all person who read this
ya its nonsense but i just try to ease those pains..

so ya. il need to accept everything
be off now~ GOING SOMEWHERE, but whr ? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa just everywhre
il just follow my feet lol..

i wish someone can stop me from crying :)