Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Saengil Chuka Hamnida !!

Before the PARTY ~ just go around with JASON CHUI ~

Its my Late blog for my Birthday ~ well It seems an ordinary day , no one of my friends here in korea prepare something, I was like " did u forgot my birthday guys?"
still ~ i wait for their actions, its 12 Noon but still they dont greet me >< whats wrong with thm ? I think thy forget it ady.. i just forgot bout it . Maybe their just too busy to remember it.. il just celebrate it alone .

but then, Jason Chui invite me for a club party, He said he was bored, and other of my group friends are busy with their works ,so i go with him.Just two of us even it seems bored, Kyaaa~ I still go surely I'l be more bored if i just stay here ,

12 MIDNIGHT ~ were about to arrive in our favorite club, It seems ordinary clubbing time, Lot of cars outside. lot of people inside , shouting and cheering,
Now i thnk that evryone is having fun and just forgoten my birthday, SADS but il just enjoy my night hr.

As of entering , I was like AIGO ~ pretty House bunnys in here, I think This Club will having a Special Playboy Party this Night ~ Lucky Me il been dreaming to see a party like this kyahahaha~~:))

Me and Jason are sitting just beside the stage, but a min, all the bunnys starting to come and play in our table, HO HO HO ~ what are they doing ? is it free ? or what? kyahahahaXD i was just a bit curious cause all the sexy bunnys wear thyr mask.

sooon ~ they get it off , and i was like, teary eyes cause its my girls friends,cousins and girls classmates all of them just effort to dance and wear such a mini dress, kyahahahaXD

they all giv speeches and i was amaze cause i didnt expect a party, not just party
but a playboy party wit my closest girls friends,:) i was really blessed and thankful to hav friends like them ~

an hour past, theirs a loud sound coming, it was a seducing dance number, HO HO~ they come boys who wear just boxers, and its my SKB BOYS my BOYS FRIENDS since middle school, theyr all complete and im so glad, its been 2 years since we dont go clubbng togther,

It was my Best Birthday Everr ~ even if i dont get any greet from my mom ><
We do our traditional Lightning of the Smoke togethr ~~^^

and beside of that WANT TO THANK all my NET FRIENDS who greet me
even if i dont know u personally,but still u make me feel
im much special to all of you ! so Blessed with that

and even those who are not close to me still GREET!
All of you make my BIRTHDAY VERY SPECIAL ~~!!

It would be surely added to my Memorable Happiest Moments!^^