Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yeojachingu ~ ♥


I'm Ady Taken now, well it seems really fast to everyone even me :))
But what is waiting if we know we'll be in relationship sooner.

( She just ask me to do this ) Muahahah:)) Kidding ~
Its My freewill just to show She also means a Lot to me :)

Shes Natasha Lee, My Yeojachinguu . I just met her here in facebook.
In internet world, but i know im loving her for real.And i aso know
she feel the same way, Im lucky cause i got someone like her,
and i hope it will last.

Note for you : Babe I wont promise not TO HURT YOU, and i wont promise
that i WONT LEAVE YOU , cause i might just broke it and cause u too much
pain. All i wnt is to do everything i can ~ My very best ..~ (^^)
just to make you stay with me and make this last long,
Long as what we expected ^^

Saranghaeyo, Saranghamnida, Saranghe Yeojachinggu Aien ~
I Love you ♥