Sunday, February 21, 2010

Am i naturally sweet or such a f*ckin Flirt !

So here i am, in front of my loppy ~ thnkng of what should i do, ~ im not use to mke blogs or tell anythng bout my life cause it seems stupid , bt some of my friends suggest to make one cause , it maye help me to express and make my feeling better, as what they said ~ i hope it really works ><>well now i feel so handsome cause im stuck by two girls lol . >< but the issue is not that :( i even wish bfor to exprience loving by many girls it seems really cool in boys part :(
but now ? i hate it :( i hate the feeling really ><>< Aigoooo ! Am i acting so over acting or just am i really affected ? ><><><>and she reminds me of someone since i first met her, i make all the stupid thngs just to get her attention , silly me . and i can show my true attitude to her, being silly and crazy i lov her cause she do understands me
well the othr one, seems to be nice also, evn we just met she express and show how much i mean to her, and i also got crush on her omoono ~!! I LOVE THEM BOTH ~ and i dont want to lose her and her ><or my dcisiion just fit ?
maybe im the one who need to go away from them, to make things right .
i dont know i really dont knooooooooow~ >< and now im feeling so guilty and such a heartbreaker, :(im such a F*CKNG SLUT ~!
need to accept it, need to let go and need to move on ><